Sight & Sound Theatre Trip Registration

Get ready to enjoy a great day as we focus on the true meaning of Christmas!  We will be making two bus stops, the first at Cranberry Mall (bus arrives 6:45am / departs 7:00am), and the second at Clarion Mall (bus arrives 7:30am / departs 7:45am), the morning of December 15.  The plan is to pause for a short break on the way, and for a lunch at Hershey Farms Restaurant (that is covered in the cost of the ticket) before the show.  There will be a  supper stop on the return trip, which is not covered, and we will return very late.

You can find out more about Sight & Sound Theatre at their website.

Contact Joel Bell if you have any questions.
(814) 437-5355

Sight & Sound Theatre Trip Signup
Sight & Sound Theatre has a 15 minute grace period after the show starts. If those attending arrive after that grace period they will miss the performance with no promised refund. Fishermen's Network will do all we can to be sure we arrive in good time for the theatre performance. However, there are times when circumstances are beyond our control. We ask that you agree to the following in order to register: I hereby release Lighthouse Ministries of Franklin, Inc., d/b/a Fishermen's Network, from any and all claims for damages or losses pertaining to this trip (including, but not limited to, any prepayments) caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control (for example, transportation delays caused by traffic, accidents or weather).
Please verify that you have read and agree to the terms by typing in your full name.