Listing your Event on WAWN 89.5 Radio Station…

There is a new procedure for submitting PSA’s for airing on WAWN 89.5.
Many of you know that our organization had local control over the public service and event announcements until mid 2011.  American Family Radio has since resumed responsibility for this task. Please review the following ways to submit your information. 

Here is a link to AFR’s website to enter your Public Service Announcement:


Make sure your event is at least (2) weeks away, the church or organization has approved 501(c)3 non-profit status and the information being sent contains the following:

  1. Who’s giving or hosting the event?
  2. What is the event?
  3. When is the event?
  4. Where is the event being held?
  5. Why is the event being held?
  6. Who will be there
  7. What time will it start?
  8. Is there a cost?
  9. Will food be available?
  10. Special entertainment included?
  11. Contact name and phone number.
Thank you for choosing AFR!